Dress Code

The Philosophy of the K.G.C. Dress Code is to provide options for performance clothing to all golfers that are comfortable and stylish. All golfers are asked to present a neat appearance, both on the course and in the precinct of the clubhouse, by observing the following guidelines.
Expectations on Course:
  • Select golf-specific attire as promoted by the golf clothing industry.
  • Soft spike golf shoes, golf sandals, running shoes
  • Women’s golf shirt with a collar and/or sleeves
  • Men’s golf shirt with a collar and sleeves
  • Golf pants / golf shorts / golf skirt (no jeans)
Expectations for Dining in the Clubhouse/Tent:
  • Hats must be removed in the banquet hall
Items that do not follow the guidelines of the Dress Code (on-course and in the clubhouse):
  • Tank tops, tube tops, cropped shirts, t-shirts
  • Swimwear
  • Ripped clothing or cut-offs
  • Gym wear
  • Shorts or pants with large, exterior pockets (cargo pants)
  • Shoes with steel spikes