Limited 9 Membership
20 9-Hole Rounds
No Tee Time Restrictions
7 Days Advance Booking
Discounts for Spouse, Children and Guests

Cost: $1,536.80
Includes Dues, Capital Assessment and HST. 
Entrance Allocation, Club Storage, Cart Rentals and Food & Beverage Minimum is extra.


This membership option includes the following: 
  • 20 9-Hole Rounds
  • Unlimited Practice Privileges
  • 7 Days Advance Booking
  • No time or day restrictions
  • Discounts for Guests, Spouse, and Children
The Limited 9 Hole Membership is best suited for those players aged 40+ who have fewer opportunities to get out to golf, are interested in playing in one of our leagues, or are looking for an opportunity to start golfing.

This membership will work well for players who are looking for a chance to get out and golf for a couple hours once a week.  Players who are still working full time, have family responsibilities (or are stay-at-home parents), take extended vacations during the summer, or live or have a cottage out of town will benefit from a membership that cuts down on the time required to play.  This is also a great membership to allow those mature players a chance to continue their golfing passion. 

  • Members may golf 18-hole rounds.  They will use 2 of their rounds to do so.
  • Most rounds you play will count towards your round total.  Club activities like championships, match plays, etc., will count towards your total rounds.  Invitationals, Men’s and Ladies’ Opening and Closing will be considered freebies.
  • You can purchase 5 extra rounds at the end of the season if you have run out of rounds.
  • When available, you may upgrade to a higher category by paying the difference plus an upgrade fee of $150.00.  When the roster is full, you will not be able to upgrade, so make sure you budget your rounds appropriately.
Membership Dues:   $ 735.00
   Capital Assessment:   $ 625.00
HST:   $ 176.80

Total:   $   1,536.80

Any new Member aged 35 + is required to pay a one-time $1000+HST Entrance Allocation Fee.  Members who have previously been a member as an Intermediate for 5 or more years can have the EA waived. 

A Food & Beverage Minimum of $300.00 (before tax and gratuity) must be met each season.  Purchases from the restaurant, half-way house, and beverage cart are counted from the time the restaurant opens in the spring, until October 31.  Should the minimum not be met, the difference is simply charged at the end of the season.

Club storage and cart rental are not included in your membership, but are available to add-on. 

The Limited 9 Membership allows those with limited time a chance to pursue their interest in golf, without the 9-hole membership restrictions seen at other clubs.

For more information, please contact Leigh at [email protected] or 705-743-3737 ext. 237.