Intermediate Membership
Unlimited Rounds
7 Days Advance Booking
No Tee Time Restrictions
Discounts for Spouse, Children and Guests

Ages 19—29: $2,015.98
Ages 30—39: $2,580.98
Includes Dues, Capital Assessment and HST. 
Entrance Allocation, Club Storage, Cart Rentals and Food & Beverage Minimum is extra.


Kawartha golf recognizes that young adults have so many obstacles when it comes to enjoying things outside of your obligations.  Paying off student loans, starting a career, buying a house and starting a family are all things that can limit your ability to join a golf family. 

Our Intermediate Memberships are unlimited and at a lower price so you can have it all. 

You will receive:
  • Unlimited golfing privileges
  • Unlimited practice privileges
  • 7 Days Advance Booking
  • Discounts for Spouse, Children and Guests
Whether you have lots of extra time, or limited time, you can benefit from our Intermediate Membership.  You can play as much as you want, or pop in after work or school and play just a few holes without having to worry about depleting your game store. 

You can participate in all of the club events, play in a league, play with your friends, or by yourself, and not have to worry if you need to hold back on the fun or your game’s progress.

Intermediates Aged 30-39   Intermediates Aged 19-29      
Membership Dues:   $ 1,534.05   Membership Dues:   $ 1,534.05
Capital Assessment:   $ 750.00   Capital Assessment:   $ 250.00
HST:   $   296.93     HST:   $ 231.93

Total:   $ 2,580.98   Total: $ 2,015.98

Any new Member aged 35 + is required to pay a one-time $1000 + HST Entrance Allocation Fee.  Members who have previously been a member as an Intermediate for 5 or more years can have the EA waived. 

A Food & Beverage Minimum of $300.00 (before tax and gratuity) must be met each season for every member aged 19 and older.  Purchases from the restaurant, half-way house, and beverage cart are counted from the time the restaurant opens in the spring, until October 31.  Should the minimum not be met, the difference is simply charged at the end of the season.

Club storage and cart rental are not included in your membership, but are available to add-on. 

For more information, please contact Leigh at [email protected] or 705-743-3737 ext. 237.