Legacy Gifts

A Legacy Gift is a living reminder of your values, beliefs and aspirations for the future.  It allows you to build your charitable objectives into your estate plan after you have taken care of your loved ones.
A Legacy gift can be any size and is one of the most significant and lasting contributions you can make.
Thank you for thoughtfully considering how you can use your will to leave a legacy to Kawartha.
For more information, contact Director at Large Nancy Howden or Administrative Assistant Leigh Fitzgerald.
Sample Wording:
I direct my Trustee to transfer, pay and direct the sum of (insert here) to Kawartha Golf and Country Club (1983), (the Club) for capital purposes and I declare the receipt of the proper officer of the Club shall be a full discharge to my trustees.

 Note:   We recommend you consult your professional advisor to work through the specific details of your gift.  Kawartha is a non-profit corporation but does not have charitable status.  As such, we are not in a position to issue charitable tax receipts for any monies or gifts received.