Make Changes To or Confirm Your 2024 Membership

Please note, all member category changes are due in writing on or before Jan 10, 2024, with any downgrades permitted until February 28.  Members may upgrade any time by paying the difference to your new category.


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Resigning Members: Please be sure certain.  If the roster is full, you will need to go through the waitlist. 

Payment Options
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(1) I wish to pay with the credit card on file, but on a date other then Feb 16 (can be before or after, as long as it's no later than Feb 28).
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(2) Please send your e-transfer to  If your dues are more than $3000, you will likely need to send 2 or more transfers.  Please make sure to plan ahead to ensure you are fully paid by the February 28 deadline.
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(3) If you are paying by Debit/Cheque/Cash, choose when you would like to come in to make your payment.  Please check your account limit before coming to make sure the full amount can be processed: 

(4) If you are paying with a different Visa or MasterCard than what is on file, please call in your card to Leigh at 705-743-3737 ext. 237
I will make my payment:

(5) Monthly dues are paid January to September via your chequing account.  If you have chosen to pay Monthly, you will be sent a "Permission to Deduct" form to fill out.  You will also need to provide a void cheque (pic is ok) or a pdf from online banking. Members may choose to pay monthly after January but they will need to make a catchup payment(s) to get on schedule. 

Members who were Monthly in 2023 will be contacted to confirm their payments and banking information.

If you are resigning, please let us know why:

If you have any questions, please let us know: