Robert Leggitt

Bob on the third hole at the Canadian Open at Glen Abbey in 2001 where he was a rules official
For 65 years, Bob Leggitt has played and volunteered with Golf, the sport he loves the most.  At age 13 Bob started playing golf at PGCC.  First with clubs borrowed from the Pro Shop, and then with sets loaned to him by members.  In those days, members like Barbara Williamson & Stan Payne were great to lend clubs to Juniors.  In 1962 Bob was working at CGE where membership dues for Kawartha was possible through payroll deduction, versus paying regular rates at PGCC.  For Bob it was an easy decision to join KGCC.   At that time dues were $75 a year & Initiation was $90, payable over 3 years.
Bob has enjoyed significant success as a player having won three Men's Club Championships, six Senior Championships and lately, two Super Senior Championships.  Bob has also played in a number of Provincial and National Senior Championships, and was ranked number seven in Ontario in 1998 and 1999.  Bob’s lowest score is 66, shooting it twice, once in 1964 and then again in 1995.
Bob has not only been a successful golfer, he has also promoted the game of golf at the local, provincial and national levels.  He started as a night rep for the GE shop league and then got involved with the Handicap committee.  He was first elected to the KGCC Board of Directors in 1967 and has served 3 terms as President, in 1976, 1986-87 & 2005.  At the provincial level Bob spent 35 years as the KGCC rep with the OGA.   In addition, Bob has spent many long hours on the National Rules Committee working on tournaments, including the Canadian Open.
One of Bob’s most memorable occasions at Kawartha is when we bought the club from GE, and then four years later, paid off the loan.  Although Bob has golfed at hundreds of other courses, and has collected over 150 ball markers from other clubs, Kawartha is home to Bob.  He has had 2 hole in ones, one on his favourite hole #18.  His least favourite hole is #15, and adds he won’t be disappointed to see it go during Revitalization. 
Although Bob has now been retired from teaching for 22 years, and from volunteering at the GAO since 2011, his life is still centred around the golf course as he is either playing or working at golf almost every day of the year.  Bob thanks his wife Sheila for supporting him in his love of the game and helping him on his many volunteer duties.   Golf has been and continues to be his life’s love.  In his words “I owe a lot to the game and hope that I have done my share to give back to the game all that I have gotten out of it.”

Bob at GAO Mid-Am