Joan Smith

Joan Smith, 1947
It is now almost 70 years that Joan Smith has been playing golf at Kawartha.  And why did she become a member all those years ago?  Because it was accessible by bicycle, (those were the days before she had a motorcycle), and she could also play tennis at Kawartha. 
As a member of Kawartha Joan has accomplished it all, from Kawartha Ladies Club Champion, Senior Ladies Champion, Kawartha Ladies Invitational Champion, City & District Champion, and on and on it goes.  But golf is only one of the sports where Joan excels as she is an accomplished all round athlete.
In 1956 Joan was named Peterborough’s Athlete of the Year, a very special honour as she was the first female to receive this award.  In 1969 Joan was presented with a Civic Award for her athletic achievements and in 1986 she was inducted into the Peterborough Sports Hall of Fame.  Then in 1988 Joan received a Canadian Medallion for participating in the Olympic Torch Run for the Calgary Olympics.

It is little wonder that in 2015 Peterborough This Week named Joan as the top female athlete in Peterborough`s history.  Other sports that Joan played include:  basketball, lacrosse, badminton, track and field, lawn bowling, softball, curling, swimming and tennis and several of these were with provincial and national level teams.  In addition to actually playing sports, Joan has contributed many hours teaching, volunteering and officiating, contributing to the enjoyment of so many Peterborough residents in so many different activities.

Joan says her favourite hole (to look at) is number 7.  “It is such a beautiful view especially in the fall with the changing colour of the leaves.”  On the other hand, she also notes that both 7 and 11 can sometimes give her trouble from a golfing perspective. 

Joan Smith & Gay Murphy, 2002

Joan Smith with Al Hosick, 1971

Joan Smith & Sheila Leggitt, 2003