Fraser Dunfield

Fraser Dunfield, 2016
Fraser was born and raised in Toronto. In 1936, at age 18 he was deciding on which University he would attend.  A friend approached him about possibly working at General Electric in Peterborough instead.  Not knowing where this town was, they decided to meet GE manager Carl Salmonsen (honoured on the monument at the entrance to the parking lot) for a game of golf at this new course owned by GE, constructed by GE employees, and called Kawartha.  Fraser fell in love with the course and decided to take the job and move to Peterborough.  He would then be instrumental in starting up the popular GE Shop League.

Fraser was a golf champion prior to becoming a Member at Kawartha, winning the junior title at Humber Valley in 1932, and he was the youngest club champion at the time in Ontario winning the Weston men’s title in 1934. He was also a prolific high school athlete excelling in swimming, softball, hockey and track where he was a champion in hurdles and runner up in the 100 yard dash.  Fraser also won championships in curling and rugby.

At Kawartha, as Fraser looks forward to his 100th birthday on January 28, 2017, he can still be seen playing golf almost every day.  We are proud of his great accomplishments over the years.  He won numerous Midland League championships, and Kawartha Club Championships in 1937, 1940, 1943, and 1952, runner up four times, and city championships in 1947 and 1949.  At that time, the ‘cities’ for men and women were held at Kawartha and Peterborough.  His wife, Jean, also won multiple club and city championships.

Fraser also contributed to golf at the governance level.  Fraser was a Director and Governor of Golf Ontario for 17 years and here at Kawartha he was our Club President in 1965, 14 years as a Board Director, and 33 years on executive committees. Fraser also donated $1,000 to help fund the new bridge on the 18th hole.  As President, Fraser was instrumental in planning the construction of the Kawartha Curling Club to be built here at Kawartha, adjacent to the clubhouse.  The project was ready to go even to the point where the curling stones had been ordered.  At that time, the Board of Directors had to report to General Electric, and just days before the ground was to be turned on the curling club, GE head office in Toronto informed GE Peterborough that they had put too much money into Kawartha, and halted the project.  Fraser and the Board were devastated.  

As a 1993 inductee to the Peterborough Sports Hall of Fame, Fraser is extremely proud to be a Member of Kawartha and he praises our Club everywhere he goes.  He cherishes the friendships made by him and his wife(especially long time Members the Haldimands), and the fact that we are, and have always been, an ‘accepting’ membership to all golfers.  Fraser and Jean both had holes in one on the beautiful 18th , so that has always been his favourite hole.  The hardest hole according to Fraser is number 10 (formerly hole number 1) because of the small, raised green target. The tee on 10 used to be where the tent is now, because of the four tennis courts that sat at the present 10th tee area.

As Kawartha Members, we cherish the contributions made by Fraser, and the amazing historical facts and stories he offers, and continue to congratulate him on the Honorary Life Membership that he has enjoyed at Kawartha since 1977.  The Club is proud to continue Fraser's legacy by having the Men's Match Play compete annually for the prestigious "Dunfield Cup".